The State Hornet

Stories of struggle give the honest truth

Johanna Pugh

November 20, 2014

“Water By the Spoonful” is the second fall theater production this semester, directed by theater and film professor Roberto Pomo. It tells the interconnected stories of six characters while exploring topics of drug addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder and both the benefits and struggles of ...

Students and staff speak out on diversity

Kevin Hendricks

October 23, 2014

Race-related issues in America have always served as a hot-button topic. With the recent events occurring in Ferguson, Missouri, the topic of race is more prevalent than ever.Of the many discussions, one topic that continues to make way towards the front lines deals with people of color feeling inad...

Book-to-film adaptions: success vs. flop

Illustration By Margaret FairAmitani

October 23, 2014

Whether it features a girl fighting in a dystopian war with a bow and arrow or a young wizard facing his lifelong nemesis, there have been a number of film adaptations of bestselling novels in recent years.While there has been visually impressive adaptations, there has also been some cringe-worthy ones whic...

Women of color define beauty through their eyes

Johanna Pugh

October 15, 2014

When girls are growing up, they can have multiple influences telling them how to look and who to be. There are magazines, media and peers each divulging their own interpretation of what being beautiful means. To put it simply, it can be overwhelming.Women of color in particular can often times find t...