The State Hornet

Respect must be earned

Denise Barajas

September 29, 2015

If you want respect, you have to do more than demand it.It may be 2015 but the sad truth is that despite the numerous strides women have made over the past century, society still has a lot of ground to cover. The fact that for every dollar a full-time worker (that is male) makes a woman only earns 78 cen...

Maintaining maiden names should be respected more

Catalina Carapia-Aguillon

November 9, 2011

Marriage is often described as the union of two people becoming one. The tradition of women taking their husband's last name is intended to reflect this unity. However, it asks women to renounce a part of their identity. A woman's choice to take her husband's last name or not is personal. This decis...

Personality defines individual character, not one’s disabilities

Hunters target pheasants at a mobility impaired outing.
Both disabled and able-bodied participate in the

State Hornet Staff

October 5, 2011

A lot of people are born having different eye colors, heights or longer pinkie toes. Some are born disabled. But just because some people are born with disabilities, does that mean they should be treated differently? I think not. "I would like to be treated like every other person because I'm capable o...