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Sexualizing young girls leads to rape culture

Brittney Christ

September 13, 2015

Old Dominion University's Sigma Nu in Virginia has gathered some heat over some banners posted "welcoming" freshmen women to campus.The Daily Beast wrote, "One has to wonder how many kegs of beer were depleted before someone in the Old Dominion University chapter of Sigma Nu thought it was a good idea to ...

Columbia student carries a mattress as a symbol of her alleged rape

State Hornet Staff

September 16, 2014

Emma Sulkowicz, a 21-year-old senior at Columbia University, said she was raped on the first day of her sophomore year by a classmate. She has pledged to carry her dorm room mattress around campus every day as part of her senior thesis or until her alleged rapist is either expelled from the university or...

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State Hornet Staff

April 9, 2014

We’ve all indulged in a little internet surfing to laugh at ridiculous memes, but when certain pictures surface cracking jokes about suicide, domestic violence and rape, there needs to be some regulation. Out of all social media sites, Facebook is probably best known for having these types of images, pos...

Robin Thicke blurs more than one line at the VMAs

Kaitlin Sansenbach

September 13, 2013

If you didn’t know what “twerking” was before the 2013 Video Music Awards, you do now, thanks to previous Disney child star, Miley Cyrus.With jaws dropping and minds racing, moral character was judged as Cyrus twerked herself all over the teddy bear infested stage during her performance of “We Ca...