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Some students have an unhealthy obsession with working out

Cam Sevaaetasi, Opinion Writer for The State Hornet, stretches before a workout at the Well.

Cambrie Sevaaetasi

November 5, 2015

Hundreds of students on campus are in gym clothes, having just worked out or on their way to work out. Spandex plagues the seats of classrooms and herds of gym shoes squeak across the halls. Today it seems just about everyone is in a fitness frenzy. The doors to Sacramento State's fitness center,...

Being healthy outweighs the number on the scale

Being healthy outweighs the number on the scale

Kaitlin Sansenbach

October 15, 2013

Weight obsession can be harmful for someone’s mind and body. Media portals give people images of what a person should look like. If someone  does not see that they fit the mold that is portrayed, some will do whatever it takes in order to achieve a type of “perfection” they desire.The idea of...