The State Hornet

Election results: How the propositions affect you

Jake Abbott

November 5, 2014

The Graduate Association of Students in Public Policy and Administration co-hosted a non-partisan voter information forum providing presentations for six propositions on the November ballot in the Alumni Hall at Sacramento State on Thursday. The graduate program organized the event five days be...

Measure L hands power to Mayor Johnson on a silver platter

State Hornet

October 2, 2014

Mayor Kevin Johnson has been heavily campaigning for Measure L and it is no surprise why. If the measure were to pass on Nov. 2, the elected mayor would have the power and authority that is usually handed over to a hired city manager who provides the leadership and direction for the operation and manageme...

College Democrats engage Kevin Johnson on Measure L

State Hornet Staff

October 1, 2014

Sac State College Democrats proved being on the same political party does not mean agreeing on every single topic of interest.When Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson followed up his Monday night town hall meeting by giving the College Democrats a more private hearing about Measure L yesterday, he was asked q...

Kevin Johnson wants more say in role as city mayor

Sarah Hines

September 30, 2014

The American Riverfront Center was filled with more than 100 people looking to hear Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson speak about Measure L last night.Usually filled with students looking to satisfy their hunger, people at the center during the mayor’s speech aimed to satisfy a different kind of need - ans...