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Smarthinking offers students online tutoring 24/7

Sacramento State students use Blackboard for online tutoring.
Ashley Hurtado April 1, 2014

Sacramento State’s Peer Academic and Resource Center made an online tutoring service available to students.Through My Sac State, students can access Smarthinking, an additional tool for tutoring services...

EDITORIAL: STEM degrees are beneficial for the nation

EDITORIAL: STEM degrees are beneficial for the nation
State Hornet Staff May 15, 2013

Without scientific research, we would still believe the Earth is flat, the center of the universe and only 6,000 years old. Doctors would not sterilize their hands between handling corpses and performing...

Statistics classes mean better math skills for college students

Leticia Lopez December 5, 2012

Sacramento State students’ math scores have improved since last year because of two new math courses which help incoming freshmen understand math at a slower pace and meet the general education math...

Math and science interviews associate dean candidates

Matt Harrington May 31, 2011

A new associate dean for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics will be in place for the fall 2011 semester after a set of conducted interviews. The interview panel for the College of Natural...

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