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Off the Wohl: Free agency strips fans of loyal players

Alex Grotewohl

February 8, 2012

Major League Baseball is a business. Except when it's not. San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain was faced with this duality at a press conference Friday. When asked about his potential free agency being just a year away, he made it clear it would take a doozy of an offer from the Giants if the team ...

Off the Wohl: Beane to rebuild A’s by trading off high-paid pitchers

State Hornet Staff

February 1, 2012

In case you haven't seen "Moneyball," Oakland Athletics General Manager Billy Beane is a genius. In a good, old-fashioned tale of redemption, Beane took a lineup peppered with has-beens and a front office with no money and carried them right to the edge of glory. Spoiler alert: They never made it. Bu...