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Scion xB’s are sexy: here’s why

Scion xB’s are sexy: here’s why

State Hornet Staff

September 24, 2014

Call it a box, call it a toaster, call it whatever you want, but Scion xB’s are sexy because of their many comfy features.First of all, contrary to what many think, the Scion xB is very roomy. There is a ton of leg space in the front and back seats.The windshield is wide and distanced from the drive...

Voter abstinence illustration


April 29, 2014

300 dpi Dean Hollingsworth color illustration of two voters: one casts paper vote into ballot box, the other has arms folded and back turned to the voting process. The Dallas Morning News 2008abstinence illustration not ballot box turnout undecided registration registered voting count ignore ignoring democracy ...