Sac State students and campus spotlighted in successful TikTok account

‘I think I started TikTok at a really good time’: Creator builds a social media presence on campus


Alyssa Branum

Content creator John Rusanov and his cameraman, second-year business major Eric Shambra, interact with fourth-year biological science student Audrey Dakis while filming a TikTok video outside the Bookstore on Nov. 18. Rusanov has been filming his videos at Sacramento State for about six months.

Chris Woodard and Gavin Hudson

The quad at Sacramento State is often abuzz, a constant home to a conglomerate of activities from students, faculty and members of the community.

One community member brings his niche between the numbered trees with nothing but a few dollars, a cell phone and a bright smile.

Racking up more than 1.4 million followers, social media content creator John Rusanov uses Sac State and its students as a backdrop and feature in his TikTok.

“I think I started TikTok at a really good time,” Rusanov said, reaching 100,000 followers in his junior year of high school.

Today, Rusanov’s videos mainly involve man-on-the-street skits where he trades with strangers or does small social experiments using money. He said he enjoys putting a smile on others’ faces.

“Every time someone recognizes us, I’m thinking in the back of my head, I’m so proud of John,” second-year business major, friend and cameraman for Rusanov Eric Shambra said. “It’s really a happy moment for me.”