Sac State’s Games Room tournaments are back in action!

17-year-old Julian Cazarez wins the Smash Brothers tournament with only one game loss.


Michael Pacheco

Joshua Livingston (left) playing a tournament match of Smash Brothers Ultimate against Jorge Costilla (right) at the games room on Friday Sept. 16, 2022. Few players were remaining as the competition was winding down.

Michael Pacheco, Photographer

Sacramento State’s Games Room hosted a Super Smash Brothers Ultimate tournament on Friday, Sept. 16.

With 36 participants, the room was packed with action; after three hours of competition, 17-year-old computer science major Julian Cazarez smashed through his bracket. Cazarez only dropped one game for his first tournament win.

“At the very beginning, I played this Link and honestly, he was pretty challenging,” Cazarez said. “After that, I feel like I was more in the zone. I think I did pretty good because of that.”
Public Information and Leisure Services manager Kizzy Whitfield helps manage the Game Room and helps organize the tournaments.

“We offer the tournaments as a way to have fun on the equipment,” Whitfield said. “It’s open to all levels of players and we try to offer a variety of different games on video game consoles as well as billiards and table tennis.”

Tournaments take place every week on Fridays with the games rotating every week. Entry is free and first place winners receive a $50 amazon gift card.