Best of Sac State 2022: College of Arts and Letters wins best college


Tyra Green

Sarah Putirka, a second year studio art major, sits outside of the university theatre on Tuesday, May 3, 2022. Putirka says she is not surprised that Arts and Letters won best college for Best of Sac State.

Hugo Quintanilla

For the fourth consecutive year, The College of Arts and Letters has won the best college in the State Hornet’s “Best of Sac State” student-centered poll. 

With over 4,000 students, Arts and Letters makes up 13 percent of the Sac State student population.  

Maddy Grau, a fourth year graphic design major, switched from her former major, kinesiology, to a major which she feels is more suited for her.

“I do have some perspective on other departments and I like the Arts and Letters department,” Grau said. “I think it’s run generally well and I think they’re trying to improve it, which is good.” 

The college consists of ten departments, which include arts, communication studies, design, English, history, humanities & religious studies, music, philosophy, theater & dance and world languages & literature.

“The arts department is gorgeous, the artwork is nice around Kadema Hall, the music and theater departments… The whole department is great,” Associated Students Inc. student ambassador for college of arts and letters Mesha Young said. “As a comms major, I’m in the college myself and I see why [we won], we’re talented.”

Sarah Putirka said she often hears her peers’ frustrations about the other colleges and is thankful for her Arts & Letters instructors for being helpful and understanding. 

“They [Arts & Letters professors] are super understanding, and creative,” Putirka, a second year studio arts major said. “I feel like being part of the Arts College has made me a better student in general because I’m allowed to have my creativity and let it grow and thrive in the program.”

Additional reporting done by: Tyra Green and Krys Shahin