Resident Evil, video game movies and Sora in Smash: THE USUAL SPOT


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Zachary Cimaglio

Come hang out at “The Usual Spot” for gaming news, discussion, critical analysis and just general geek talk. 

Hosted by A&E staffer Zach Cimaglio, episodes can range in topics from upcoming releases, gaming-related internet content or movies and possibly even guest stars to keep things nice and fresh. 

This week’s episode discusses the upcoming “Resident Evil” film adaptation, specifically how it seems to be adapting both of the original two games at the same time with a huge amount of references to them in the trailer alone, though the plot leaves a lot of room for potential mistakes.

Zach hopes it doesn’t pan out too badly. 

Also in the episode is some discussion about the newest and final Smash Bros. fighter, Sora! 

He’s been a long time coming, but he’s finally here with nostalgic alternate skins and a moveset just like the original games. 

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