6 Sac State students making the best of their time at home


Graphic By Kelly Kiernan

Allisyn Mayhew

With classes going virtual and California continuing shelter-at-home orders, students are now spending excess time inside and isolated from friends, work or other places they would typically go to spend free time.

Here’s what six Sacramento State students are doing to stay busy. 

1. Vivica McRae- Cooking

IG: @vivmadeit

Vivica McRae, a fourth year student at Sac State poses with on of her personally made fruit plates. Photo courtesy of Vivica McRae.

Vivica “Viv” McRae, a child development major at Sac State, is spending quarantine in the kitchen. 

McRae is Puerto Rican and said that because cooking is a huge part of her culture she was always around food growing up.

“I think cooking just kind of chose me,” McRae said. “I started cooking when I was 4 and watching cooking shows so it’s just always come naturally to me.” 

The shelter-at-home order has freed up a lot of time for McRae to really work on her cooking skills. She has also been working on a mini cookbook and uploading as much content as possible to her Instagram account dedicated to food. She shares a wide variety of recipes from cakes to pasta to vegetable dishes. 

“This is a good time to focus on something positive or something that you’ve always wanted to learn how to do and it’s the perfect time because everyone gets super negative and in their head about sitting around at home,” McRae said. “Everyone should find something they like to do or pick up a new hobby.”

2. Jordan Davey- Virtual Workouts

Facebook page: Jordan’s Workouts

IG: @jojomimi187

Communication studies major Jordan Davey poses from her home after a finishing one of her workouts. Photo courtesy of Jordan Davey.

“When quarantine hit I quickly realized I needed something to keep me in a daily routine,” said communication studies major Jordan Davey. “Since I am usually a full-time workout instructor and a full-time student, I like to stay busy.” 

Davey created a Facebook page, Jordan’s Workouts, where she posts her daily workouts and ways she is staying motivated from home. These workouts include high-intensity interval training (HIIT), warm up routines and customized workout playlists. 

Davey takes into account that many people no longer have access to regular gym equipment, so she gives suggestions for household items that can be used instead. 

“When I go to sleep at night I love feeling like I have done something good for my body,” Davey said. “So when I wake up I look forward to getting a good sweat because after I workout I feel like I have earned my relaxation.” 

Davey said it is important to continue motivating people even if she can’t be there in person.

The online community that Davey has built continues to grow and she hopes to keep it going after the orders lift, despite everyone going back to their busy work and school schedules. 

You can DM Davey through Instagram, @jojomimi187 to be added to her facebook group. 

3. Hannah Wiederhold- College Works Painting 

IG: @collegeworkspainting_sac

Economics major Hannah Wiederhold poses with her College Works Painting portfolio and business cards. Photo courtesy of Hannah Wiederhold.

Economics major Hannah Wiederhold is staying busy with the launch of her branch of College Works Painting which has seen a lot of success. 

College Works Painting, a house painting company managed by college students, has adapted to the shelter-at-home orders by setting up estimates for painting prices with customers and training new hires over Zoom. They are currently hiring for summer positions.

Wiederhold said it is scary that we could possibly be under these orders for a while but it is important to focus on the positives and find things to keep us occupied. 

“I have been keeping myself very busy during this time and really putting all my effort into running a successful business, taking care of my family and pets, spending more time studying for school and of course taking care of myself,” Wiederhold said.  

Once the shelter-in-place order is lifted, Wiederhold plans on expanding her business and working with more students. For now, she is grateful she can work and grow her business from home. 

4. Jacob Pico- Competitive Gaming

Communication studies major Jacob Pico has began competitive gaming while sheltered-in place. Photo courtesy of Jacob Pico.

Communication studies major Jacob Pico grew up playing video games until he eventually stopped being able to find the time in his busy schedule in middle school. He picked it up again after graduating high school and has been hooked ever since. 

“It can definitely create distractions, but if you’re a good prioritizer and work well with time management, gaming could serve as a good outlet for entertainment,” Pico said. 

Pico participates in an online franchise mode within the Madden NFL 20 platform for gaming, which is based on the National Football League (NFL). 

“I think it’s important to find something to keep ourselves busy, due to the fact that the majority of students in any capacity are home and looking for things to pass by the time,” Pico said. “It’s good to be able to have something that keeps you entertained and happy in difficult times.” 

Pico plans on continuing his hobby of competitive gaming after the shelter-in-place order has ceased. 

5. Madeline Ravera- Tie-Dye 

IG: @dyedmadly 

Business marketing major Madeline Ravera, has been spending her down time creating tie-dye clothing pieces. Ravera poses for a photo in one of her tie dye sets. Photo Courtesy of Madeline Ravera.

Madeline Ravera, a business marketing major, has joined the tie-dye hype and created a small, self-run business. 

What started out as a fun hobby creating pieces of dyed clothing for her friends is now a business she calls “DyedMadly.” Ravera said she saw how much her friends loved the pieces she made for them and she thought maybe she could sell them online.

She makes everything from sweat suits to biker sets offered in an endless amount of colors and designs. 

“My favorite part about it is seeing people wear my things, it’s rewarding and encouraging,” Ravera said. “I love when people post in it or I see them around town wearing my pieces it makes me proud.” 

Tie-dye keeps Ravera happy, she uses it as a way to keep her mind free and active outside instead of being cooped up inside. 

Ravera hopes to continue her business after this pandemic is over.  

6. Brando Marin DJing

IG: @djbrando_916

Communication major Brando Marin smiles as he stands behind his DJ set up. Photo courtesy of Brando Marin.

Communication studies major Brando Marin’s passion outside of school and working is DJing.  Marin’s genres include reggaeton, house, cumbia, rap/hip-hop, trap and more, which he showcases over Instagram Live on weekend nights. 

Marin enjoys engaging with family and friends in a creative way, DJing over Instagram Live, which has let him connect with them as a change of pace from the typical Zoom and FaceTime hangouts.

Marin said staying motivated throughout his day with activities he enjoys helps get him through work and homework as well.

“You have to keep moving to sustain a productive momentum,” Marin said. “By DJing, it boosts my self-esteem and creativity.” 

After going back to a busy schedule there may be less time to create new music for Marin, but in the meantime, he’s showcasing his new music through mixcloud or on Instagram live.