Sac State events examine student health and wellness approaching finals

Methods to de-stress include yoga, nap sessions and puppies

Numerous self-care events and activities will be held on campus for students as we approach finals week. The campus offers different classes and resources to help students de-stress.

Ronaldo Gomez

Numerous self-care events and activities will be held on campus for students as we approach finals week. The campus offers different classes and resources to help students de-stress.

Leslie Hicks

The week leading up to finals can be stressful for students as they make that final push toward the finish line at the end of the semester. 

Like athletes, students getting ready for testing have resources on campus to keep them in shape mentally and physically so they can be at peak performance when testing time comes.

“Really, any fitness class can be a great class to burn off some steam,” said Kendra Densmore, a group fitness coordinator for The WELL.

The WELL at Sac State offers a variety of fitness classes for all levels as well as facilities to work out independently. Schedules can be found on the Mind Body App. 

“Test studies are saying people do better on testing when they incorporate activity in,” Densmore said. “You know, a lot of students try to study really late at night and try to just push through and pull all-nighters, and really you just end up being more tired and less able to focus.  But if you can build fitness into there, it will definitely help give you more stamina.”

For general relaxation and peace of mind, Densmore says any of the yoga classes or the foam rolling class are great. There is also a fitness class called “Strength and Flow” that Densmore recommends for a well-rounded physical and mental experience.

“In my personal opinion it’s an amazing class that really works on mobility and stability and relieves stress, and you walk out feeling amazing,” Densmore said. 

For students in need of unadulterated rest, there is a class called “Time for a Nap!” where students can drop in at any point during the allotted time to sleep or relax. There are two of these classes left in the week leading up to finals.

“You don’t have to go for the full hour and a half, if you want to take a 10-minute catnap you can drop in anytime between the scheduled hours,” Densmore said. “We have mats and blankets and blocks and things to make you comfortable.” 

If students find themselves feeling anxious, depressed or stressed due to finals, or just in general, The WELL also offers mental health counseling through Student Health & Counseling Services. Students can make appointments online at The WELL’s website or on the MindBody app or drop-in at The WELL itself to see a counselor who can advise them in coping techniques.

Rebecca Thompson, a counselor at Sac State, said there is usually an uptick in students seeking counseling during the previous two weeks before finals due to stress, and that usually during finals week there is a decline because students are “just so busy.” 

“Remember to engage in self-care,” Thompson said. “Eat, sleep, exercise and give yourself downtime to relax so you can focus on studying.” 

Stress Less Week, happening the first week of December at Sac State is meant to encourage students to take a break and participate in stress-reducing activities during finals season, according to the Sac State Events calendar.

As a part of Stress Less Week, Student Health and Counseling Services will bring back the Stress-Less Puppies on Thursday, Dec. 5 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the library breezeway for students to engage with.

There will also be an event called Treat Yourself hosted by ASI on Thursday, Dec. 5 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the University Union’s first-floor Lobby Suite. The event is designed for students who need to de-stress and relax. 

“We’re going to provide sleep mask decorating, coloring pages, scratch art, button making, and make-your-own self-care goodie bags,”  said ASI employee Ayra Nuñez. “It’s all for students.”

For those that need a little extra motivation for self-care, there will also be pizza provided according to the Treat Yourself event page.