SHIAVON’S JAWN PODCAST: The boundaries of emotional labor


Shiavon Chatman and Will Coburn

Opinion editor and podcast host Shiavon Chatman sat down with Maya Coleman, Sacramento State student and official off-campus activist of the university’s Black Student Union. The two discussed Coleman’s extensive work of uniting students and the community of Sacramento and educating those students on resources available to them in their own backyard.

Chatman and Coleman then explored the idea of establishing boundaries in friendships and romantic relationships. They tossed around the idea of whether interpersonal relationships can be emotional labor or if being a friend is also like being an on-call therapist.

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Will Coburn
Maya Coleman and Shiavon Chatman in studio to record the most recent episode of Shiavon’s Jawn. The two discussed the importance of setting boundaries for being in healthy relationships.