SPORTS PODCAST: Stinger Esports director BasicTaq on what it takes to make a team


Alex Daniels

The Stinger Esports team faces Rocklin High School in Overwatch during the Bear Cup Collegiate Tournament July 28 at Cal Expo Fairgrounds. The club received a cease and desist letter Oct. 17 for violation of SO&L guidelines for membership, including representing Sac State at tournaments.

Will Coburn, Ashton Byers, and Shaun Holkko

Stinger Esports Director Donna “BasicTaq” Walters, director of business administration for Sacramento State’s Associated Students, Inc., co-founded the team in the fall of 2017. The team is now competing at the collegiate level in Overwatch and League of Legends. In this podcast, Walters talks about the history of the team and their goals for expanding to add a broadcast team as well as getting a location for practice on-campus and how the team works to maintain an inclusive community in Stinger Esports.

Walters is also in the process of pushing to add esports to the Big Sky Conference and talked about her hopes for being added.

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