SacRT will change bus routes around Sac State on Sunday

Changes aim to aid in riders’ commutes


Tracy Holmes

Riders get off and onto bus route 30 at Sac State on Tuesday, Sept. 3. Sacramento Regional Transit District bus routes are changing for passengers in the upcoming week and end of the year.

Tracy Holmes

On Sunday, students using Sacramento Regional Transit District’s bus services should expect changes as new bus routes and schedules go into effect under the SacRT Forward plan.

SacRT is promoting the plan by offering free rides between Sunday and Wednesday.

Jessica Gonzalez, director of marketing, communications and public information at SacRT, said the goal of changing the routes is for added frequency.

SacRT is adding weekend and night services as well, Gonzalez said, in order to ensure that bus users can get where they need to be. 

Gonzalez recommends that riders try out routes over the weekend to get familiarized with the new routes.

According to SacRT, rerouting Route 38 to run along J and L street with Route 30 is the biggest impact for Sac State students. While both routes will still terminate at the University/65th Street and University Drive stations respectively, the new routes mean buses will arrive at Sac State from downtown at a 15-minute frequency. However, fewer buses will run along Route 30 as part of the change.

“I think it’s really convenient because it goes through midtown all the way to Old Sac and the Amtrak station,” said Mya Okumura, an undeclared Sac State student.

Courtesy of SacRT

There are several other routes going in and out of Sac State. Route 82 operates between American River College and the University/65th Light Rail Station. Route 87 operates between the Marconi/Arcade Light Rail Station and the University/65th Light Rail Station. These routes service Sac State through the University Drive Bus Stop on the north end of campus.

Additionally, Route 134 will operate during peak hours only between 8th Street and O Street and River Park and Sac State, according to Gonzalez.

SacRT will also launch a new microtransit service in November. The SmaRT ride is a microtransit system that will service downtown, midtown, and East Sac. It is a door to door service that will operate near Sac State.

According to Gonzalez, riders can download a smartphone app that will be free with the Sac State Regional Transit Commuter Sleeve when the service begins in November.