‘Clarifying Consent’ panel hosted to begin Sexual Assault Awareness Month


Janelle Williams - The State Hornet

Students and members of Sac State’s Omega Psi Phi chapter listen to Health and Relationship Student Manager Bajha Jordan speak on the meaning and importance of consent. The slide presented details regarding what bystanders can do to stop a possible assault before it happens.

Janelle Williams

Student Health and Counseling Services partnered with Sacramento State’s Omega Psi Phi chapter Wednesday night for a presentation on consent as an introduction to Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Student Health and Counseling Services has partnered up with the Office of Equal Opportunity, Student Organizations and Leadership, the Women’s Resource Center, Associated Students Inc., and Sac State Greek organizations Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Phi Sigma and Omega Psi Phi for various events focused on sexual assault awareness during the month of April.

“April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so part of the month we wanted to promote consent,” said Bajha Jordan, health and relationship student manager of Student Health and Counseling Services.

“We were asked by a group of students to have a consent workshop, because they see a need in our campus community to talk about consent more, and that goes hand in hand with sexual violence,” Jordan said.

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Jordan was joined by Chanel Tutson, a Sac State health educator, and members of Omega Psi Phi Wednesday evening for a public forum on the meaning of consent. Jordan’s presentation discussed the meaning of consent, the “yes means yes” law California passed in 2014 and the effect that alcohol can have on consent.

Jordan went over different scenarios where consent was not clear and asked the audience to state their opinions on it. They were asked what to do if their partner was dressed provocatively in their sleep, or what they would do if they saw a friend trying to take a visibly intoxicated person home.

“When is consent needed?” a slide from the presentation read. Jordan’s answer — “It is needed all the time. Whether it’s a hug, or dancing or sex. Consent it is needed all the time.”

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After the presentation, Omega Psi Phi member London Galloway said men have a responsibility to hold other men accountable and make consent a priority.

“If we’re a part of the problem, we need to start addressing how to solve the problem,” Galloway said.

The Student Health and Counseling Center urges students to participate in Take Back the Night, an annual march and sexual violence and assault. The event will take place Thursday at the American River Courtyard. Supporters plan to march across campus in an effort to stand up against sexual violence on college campus.