6 convenient microwave locations at Sac State


Kelly Kiernan - The State Hornet

Six convenient microwave locations on campus. Collage made with Premiere Pro photoshop.

With 20 minutes to walk to class, 10 minutes to find a microwave and 10 minutes to warm up and eat my meal, the race is on.

Unlike some students, my budget doesn’t allow me to buy Panda Express every day. I bring my lunch and dinner to school.

I spent good money on a decent sized lunch bag and a couple of solid ice packs. I did my part, so all I need now is a nearby microwave so I can eat.

For the first three weeks of the semester, I walked from the Riverfront center to Grumpy Mule in the library Breezeway every day, out of breath and out of time. I later found out that there are two microwaves in the Riverfront Center.

Here are the closest microwaves to you: