UTAPS partners with JUMP Bikes to solve bike parking issues

Sac State plans on implementing special public bike racks for JUMP bike users


Eucario Calderon -The State Hornet

A bicycle from the company JUMP Bike sits in at a bike rack between Del Norte and Mendocino Hall. Sac State plans on implementing special bike racks for JUMP Bikes.

Eucario Calderon

University Transportation and Parking Services is close to closing a contract with JUMP Bikes in order to implement special bike racks around Sacramento State for JUMP Bike users.

Tony Lucas, senior director of UTAPS, said he believes the new bike racks could be implemented as early as the end of the fall semester. Four possible JUMP Bike racks will be added for users around Sac State’s campus to park the bikes.

“I believe students are responsible enough to leave them in the special bike racks once the new bikes racks are implemented, and I encourage students to practice safe bike habits,” Lucas said.

Incentives such as getting extra usage credit for JUMP Bike users will be implemented for users who park the bikes in these special racks. “These incentives are still in the works and will be finalized once we come to an agreement,” Lucas said.   

Lucas said he believes the use of JUMP Bikes “makes us more of a Sacramento community, and is an affordable commute option for students.” In addition, Sac State students have the option to use a student plan with JUMP Bikes.

Sac State was an early supporter to get JUMP bikes into the community as early as three years ago, according to Lucas. Thus, Sac State continues to support the company and came up with the idea of implementing special racks in order to make campus more user-friendly to JUMP Bike users.

“Ideas such as the implementations of special bike racks for JUMP Bike users could deal with the problem of finding these bikes all over campus where they are not supposed to be left,” Lucas said.