Tapingo contract not renewed at Sac State

Due to a fee and low-campus participation, Tapingo will no longer be used by Sac State


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Steven Bryla

Tapingo, an app used to order food and drinks ahead of time for delivery and pick up, will no longer be used on campus, according to University Enterprises Inc.

The contract with the app that ended Aug. 15 will not be renewed for the 2018-2019 school year.

In an email, Angela Rader, marketing services director for UEI, said low-campus participation and a 59 cent convenience fee attached to each order were the reasons UEI chose not to renew their contract with Tapingo.

Starbucks was the only exception to the low campus participation, according to Rader.

Senior biology student Kevin Mahlman used the app to save time.

“I would use it because it would save time and I wouldn’t have to wait in a long line,” Mahlman said.

He added that the charge didn’t bother him, because it got him out of Starbucks quicker.

Mahlman said that the app was not advertised well around campus and suggested that advertising over social media would have helped students become aware of Tapingo.

Karina Abramchuck, freshman graphic design major, said she would use the app to bypass long lines in order to save time.

“I would use it, because if I am in a rush, waiting in line for 15 minutes isn’t worth it,” Abramchuck said.

She added that she limits herself to one Starbucks a day and the 59 cent charge isn’t that big of a financial burden.

Triston Cruz, a junior civil engineering major, said he would have not used the app because of the 59 cent charge.

“I could use that towards something else like food, or something I would need down the road,” Cruz said.

He added that since he is not an avid coffee drinker, the charge of 59 cents is “outrageous” to him, because he would rather just wait in line for a drink once in a while.

No financial losses were experienced while under contract with Tapingo, according to Rader, who also confirmed that UEI is exploring other ordering applications that include mobile services and kiosks.  

“At this time, we have no plans to bring Tapingo back,” said Rader in an email.