Sac State University Union plumbing problem closes food vendors


Cory Jaynes -The State Hornet

A group of workers outside of the University Union work on a collapsed pipe on Monday, Oct. 22. A number of vendors have been closed in the union during the afternoon to allow for repair work to be completed.

Gloria Gibbs

Sacramento State’s University Union had several food vendors and bathrooms close Monday and Tuesday afternoon due to a broken pipe.

According to Norma Sanchez, assistant director of operation for the University Union, the broken pipe was discovered Monday morning. The vendors closed around 2 p.m. to allow for repairs on the pipe.

The pipe was fixed enough for vendors to reopen Tuesday morning until after lunch hours. The vendors closed again at 3 p.m. Tuesday to allow repairs to continue.

The pipe also caused the bathroom on the first floor to close as well. The closures are a result of the pipes for vendors and one restroom all flowing in the same direction, according to Sanchez.

The pipes caused early closures today, but Sanchez says “tomorrow may be a different story,” as the plumbing issues will not be resolved until the plumbers reach the pipes causing the clogs.

The State Hornet will continue to update this story.