Faculty being advised no doctor’s note needed to miss class with flu


Photo by Daniel Paquet / CC BY Creative Commons

Thomas Frey, news editor

Faculty are being asked to make several classroom accommodations in light of this year’s flu epidemic, according to a list of directives sent to faculty by Sacramento State Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS).

Faculty are being told to allow students to miss time even without a doctor’s note because it will “limit unnecessary exposure to students.”

The notice also encourages professors to “alter policies to ensure that there are no academic consequences for staying home while sick,” such as allowing students to make exams up at a later date and finding ways to get them assignments.

To ensure that students don’t take advantage of this, SHCS is highly encouraging professors and students to be in constant communication by phone or email during an absence.

The notice highlighted that “this year’s flu vaccine is a poor match between the vaccines and the viruses in circulation which makes it less effective in preventing the flu.”

While the vaccine this year is less effective at preventing the flu, getting it may lower your chances of contracting the virus and may lead to less severe symptoms if one is infected.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, 74 people in California have died this year from the flu — five times the number of deaths as this time last year.

Faculty are being advised to bring tissues and hand sanitizers to class to help prevent spreading the flu and to advise students to get the flu shot, which is available for free at the SHCS office in The Well.