4 local Halloween attractions to haunt up some fun


Joseph Daniels

Halloween, the one day each year parents encourage children to dress up in costumes and break the rule of never taking candy from strangers, is less than a week away. Although college students may be too old for the age old tradition of trick-or-treating, there are other ways to get into the Halloween spirit. We’ve got a list of attractions and venues that will have you feeling the thrills and chills of All Hallows’ Eve. 

(Slide through for photos from each hotspot)

This haunted house theme park features a number of attractions, including Asylum, Death Sentence, Deadlands and Malice in 3D. Get ready to dive into another dimension filled with demonic creatures, executions and asylum patients who were subjected to horrible experiments. VIP ticket holders gain exclusive access to two other horror experiences.

Another attraction, Dark Realms, pulls attendees into a dark fantasy world where demons and angelic witches dwell, and the battle of light versus dark wages on. Keep Out, meanwhile, is a three-minute escape room that costs attendees an extra $5.  

Dire World is open Friday-Sunday and located at 800 All America City Blvd. in Roseville. General admission ranges from $26-$31. Halloween is the last day to be able to attend Dire World.


You can brave your way through a total of three haunted house attractions at this ultimate park: a hospital, an industrial plant and the house of a murderer. Explore the abandoned hospital with only a flashlight as you find your way through its dark halls. An evil doctor lurks in the shadows, waiting to make you his next patient. The industrial plant is home to demonic creatures that were once workers who perished in a chemical fire. You can also come face-to-face with a murderer if you dare to enter his home. Haunted by superstitions and his belief that he has to kill in order to live, the murderer is always looking for a new victim.

Ultimate Terror Scream Park is located at 4909 Auburn Blvd. in Sacramento and will be open until Nov. 11. General admission is $25 Sunday-Friday, and $30 on Saturdays and Halloween.


This pumpkin patch set a Guinness World Record in 2014 for largest corn maze at 60 acres. Visitors can navigate two different paths: an intermediate course, or an advanced course. Although temperatures are cooling, folks should be able to complete it without freezing to death like Jack Torrance did in Stanley Kubrick’s film, “The Shining.”

Cool Patch Pumpkins is located at 6150 West Dixon Ave. in Dixon. The entrance fee for the corn maze is $15.


If you’re not the type who enjoys confronting grotesque monsters, and you would prefer more family-friendly activities, Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm may be the right place for you. You can buy pumpkins picked fresh off the vine, ride a zip line elevated 250 feet in the air, embark on adventure in a sunflower labyrinth and pet farm animals like goats and pigs.

Tickets are required to participate in the each activity and can be purchased at 99 cents a pop. The zip line is the most expensive activity, requiring 12 tickets.

Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm is located at 1415 Pumpkin Lane in Wheatland and is open until Nov. 5.