Candidate forum saga continues with new panelist

Milagros Gomez

Associated Students, Inc. held its second election candidate forum joined by the directors of the Colleges of Arts and Letters, Health and Human Services, and Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the University Union on Tuesday, April 5.

With the forum lasting an hour, all candidates were able to present their reasoning of why they believe they are best fit for the designated position that they are running for.

Stefanie Lucero, candidate for director of Arts and Letters, said she believes diversity at Sacramento State is an element that should be embraced with a sense of pride at the university as a way to grow stronger as a united community, both within and outside of the designated college she wishes to oversee.

“We have so much diversity here at Sacramento State, and we have students that come from every avenue in life,” Lucero said. “I want to create a fostering community for these students to feel represented, and as well feel like they have a safe campus to come to.”

Candidate for director of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Mary Ann Mort said what she wishes to do is to advocate for and introduce students to programs that encourage success and that provide reassurance that majors within the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics are as possible to accomplish as any other major.

“Other programs within Natural Sciences and Mathematics that are very beneficial to students that are either incoming or minorities are SI, PRISM and Project PASS,” Mort said. “They all ensure that students are able to get to their introductory courses and that they know they’re material so they could get out of here faster, that helps with our graduation rates, that helps with impaction.”

Candidate for director of Health and Human Services David Michel said he wants to encourage students to become aware of the opportunities for involvement in his designated college and to network with professionals to encourage student success.

“One thing that I definitely want to do is I want to work very close with the clubs and organizations that are under Health and Human Services,” Michel said. “They all share a common passion for them, they want their community to grow and I want to be there so their vision can become true.”

All the ASI candidates encouraged students to go vote at the ASI Elections, which will be held from April 19 to 21.