Lead vocalists of Joomanji bring UNIQUE style to Nooner

Vu Chau

For this week’s Nooner concert, Sacramento State’s UNIQUE Programs invited Los Angeles-based band Joomanji to perform on Wednesday, March 9 in the University Union Redwood Room.

Joomanji is a six-piece band that consists of rapper Austin Antoine; vocalist Lindsay Olsen; drummer Amir Oosman; keyboard players Jonah Christian and Robert Finucane; and bassist Joe Salcedo.

The band, which has been together for seven years, showcased its hip-hop, R&B and jazz tunes by performing a total of nine songs from its 2013 album, “Manj.”

UNIQUE Programs Coordinator Ajamu Lamumba said he asked Joomanji to headline a Nooner concert to deliver Sac State students a variety of musical experiences.

“[Joomanji] has a well-polished combination of [different genres], and that is very appealing to the laid-back club lounges,” Lamumba said.

“We all bring something to the table,” Oosman said. “That’s where you get this kind of different influences of the group as [the music] keeps it cohesive.”