Fraternity smashes cars for fundraising


Pi Kappa Phi displays two junk cars outside the Hornet Bookstore on Thursday, March 3. Students could donate $3 to smash these cars with sledgehammers as part of the fraternity’s “Breaking through Barriers” exhibition.

Mike McGough

Pi Kappa Phi offered students a chance to smash donated junk cars in a philanthropic fundraising effort Thursday at Sacramento State.

The event, referred to as “Breaking through Barriers” by fraternity member Zachary Corbo, was part of an initiative to raise money for a philanthropic organization his fraternity founded, “The Ability Experience.”

Two donated junk cars, displayed with words like “discrimination” and “autism,” were set up outside the Hornet Bookstore between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., with students paying to smash them.

“It raises funds and it spreads awareness for people with disabilities,” Corbo said.

Students were given sledgehammers and safety measures including gloves and goggles, and could hit the cars at a rate of $3 per swing. Participating students had to sign waivers.

Corbo estimated that the group would raise about $3,000 by the end of the six-hour demonstration.

“It’s midterms, it’s halfway through the semester, so we’re feeling like this is a great way to not only relieve some stress from the campus, but also recognize that there are students who live with disabilities on our campus,” Corbo said.

The junk cars were drained and donated by A1 Towing.