FYE can help you get the right push


Maria Lesso

Do you remember your first day in college? Starting something new is always a little exciting and scary. Picking your classes. Applying for financial aid. Making friends. Balancing a whole new lifestyle. Freshman students do not have to do this alone here at Sacramento State.

The First Year Experience (FYE) program offers a variety of resources students can use during their transition into college. FYE consists of learning communities, seminar courses and peer-to-peer mentoring.

Rheena Munoz, an administrative support coordinator in the First Year Experience and Honors program, helps oversee the recruiting of freshman students during orientation to help them transition smoothly to Sac State.

“We try to service as many as we can. Close to about 40 percent,” Munoz said.

First Year seminars and learning communities teach students how to be a good student, studying habits, informs them about all the resources on campus and provides them a space where they can feel welcomed.

The FYE Library Space, also known as “The Space,” provides first year students a place where they can study and obtain different services.

The FYE Space has seen over 6,700 students since it opened in Spring of 2015.

“The space was originally designed to be a space where people can come between classes” said Jazmin Campos, “Go to Crew” Leader of the FYE space.

Campos said the space was provided to keep students on campus during class breaks because many students tend to not return after they leave for a break.

The FYE Space provides first year advising, workshops and student services. The workshops include studying skills, puzzle night, how to relax during stress, and major presentations.

Nichaele Watson, a sophomore and program assistant and mentor in FYE, carries a workshop called “The Why behind the Why.” The workshop helps students discover the underlying causes of certain studying habits.

“FYE space is a great space to study,” Watson said. “People in the space have unlimited resources that they can connect you to.”

The FYE space holds answers to many questions that new students ask. FYE helps students drop and enroll in classes, add majors, manage their time, and have activities that encourage good student behavior.

According to the College Atlas organization, 30 percent of college and university students drop out after their first year.

“We try and help the first year students bridge the gap between high school and college,” Watson said.