ASI discusses the Dreamers Research Center


Associated Students, Inc. discusses their strategic priorities for the year at a board meeting in the University Union, Sept. 23, 2015. 

Angel Kidka

Associated Students, Inc. held a board meeting on Nov. 4 in the University Union where they received a presentation on the Dreamer Resource Center.

Student employees of the Dreamer Resource Center Brenda Martinez and Norma Mendoza shared with the board the mission and goals of the center, who it helps, what it means and the overall importance of having this outlet on campus.

“The goal of the center is to help students overcome the unique challenges that get in the way of achieving academic, personal and professional excellence,” Mendoza said.

Although the mission and goals of the center is similar to others, Viridiana Diaz, assistant vice president of the Strategic Diversity Initiatives, discussed what sets the Sacramento State center apart from other centers and why the center is important.

“Something that’s really unique about the Dreamer Research Center is that we are also serving the students with mixed status families,” Diaz said. “I’ve visited other centers like this and we are different because we acknowledge that the students from these families have very unique experience.”

The Dreamer Research center currently offers services that include Dream Connection– a support group for undocumented students and allies.

“We collaborate with student and health and counseling services who helps facilitate the discussion, and we have different themes for each support group session so students are able to discuss their experience and get emotion support from professionals,” Martinez said.

The dreamer ally training is a service that helps inform students, faculty and staff about the challenges and conditions undocumented students face, and teaches students how to be a successful ally.

“It is a very effective way to help inform students staff and faculty about the different policies, the conditions that undocumented students face and how to learn to be an effective ally, as well as how to take the information and apply it,” Martinez said.

The Dreamer Research Center also offers success workshops for undocumented students, a Dreamer Research fellowship, academic and financial guidance and policy-briefing sessions.