Teachers held Principal Panel at Sac State

Milagros Gomez

The Sacramento City Teachers Association hosted a Principal Panel on Oct. 22 in the Valley Suite of the University Union at Sacramento State.

The panel gave students interested in pursuing a career in education the opportunity to learn specifics regarding the profession. The panel consisted of San Juan High School Principal Vanessa Adolphson and Woodbridge Elementary School Principal Kari Hazen.

Once the panel began, students were able to text their questions anonymously to a designated number, which provided a functional environment to the event.

The principals provided students with a variety of tips in succeeding in their career in education, such as what to expect in the interview process when being hired, what a teacher’s first year consists of and an explanation as to what their own transition from being a teacher to becoming a principal was like.

Adolphson said she hoped the students in attendance were able to understand the importance of having a relationship with their future principal.

“I hope students were able to take away how important it is for teachers to have an open door communication with their principal, because after all, it is a two-way street,” Adolphson said.

Hazen said she sees herself in a unique way, inspired by a popular TV show. More than a principal to her school’s teachers, she views herself as a mentor who strives to push her staff to their full potential.

“I try to coach them how Blake coaches them on ‘The Voice,’” Hazen said.

Stephanie Deborba, Sac State SCTA historian, said she believes events such as the principal panel are opportunities that students should take advantage of.

“This opportunity will allow students to bring outreach in the local community in education and provide them with connections,” Deborba said.