ASI Discusses possible Faculty Strike


Associated Students, Inc. discusses their strategic priorities for the year at a board meeting in the University Union, Sept. 23, 2015. 

Angel Kidka

Associated Students, Inc. held their weekly board meeting in the Foothill Suite of the University Union on Wednesday, Oct. 21 where they discussed the possible faculty strike and director board reports.

Kevin Wehr, professor of sociology and president of the local chapter of the California Faculty Association, said the current developments in the faculty negotiations are to get a 5 percent rise instead of the 2 percent they were offered from the CSU system, and there is a possibility of retaliation if the increased raise does not go through.

“We are currently taking a strike authorization vote, the issue is a battle of salary because it’s not only the measure of how the administration values their faculty and how they prioritize their faculty,” Wehr said. “It also translates directly to quality education for students because it has an impact on the individual attention faculty can provide to their students if they are working multiple jobs to make ends meet.”

The CFA has no active plan of strike and hopes the chancellor will agree with them. If the strike were to happen it would be around March or April of next year and he would want it to include students, Wehr said.

“If it comes to an actual strike, we will invite students to the picket line, we will invite the community to the line, we will engage in alternative education for the day, and although it will be a serious event we will still have some fun,” Wehr said. “We are here for you and we hope you will be here for us.”

The board’s concern with the possible strike is how it will affect the students, daily operations, education and the finances.

“The students are a key component to this, and they are going to be one way or the other affected by this. My concern is whether or not this will affect instruction and if it will have larger implication down the road,” said Mark Anthony Sohl, vice president of University Affairs.

Tucker Caruso, vice present of Academic Affairs, said he encourages CFA to provide more information for the students.

“As students, it’s really hard for us to pick and chose because the CSU governs us and the faculty teaches us,” Caruso said. “We are in a tough situation, but we do want what is best for the faculty members, I just think that we need an immense amount of information.”

Additionally, the board gave individual reports of what they have been working on throughout the semester and their upcoming plans for their position.