Professor’s office inspires and comforts students, colleagues


Art displayed in professor’s office.

Jasmine Alston

Linda Goodrich’s office offers a welcoming environment for faculty and staff to come relax and enjoy themselves in a room filled with personality.

Assisted by the large window, red and yellow hues brighten and warm the walls of the cold office. Artwork and photographs seem at home in the abyss of creativity.

People who make their way to the second floor of Shasta hall have the uncontrollable urge to view the office as they pass by. With a quick glance, some are intrigued by the gallery of decor.

Goodrich, one of Sacramento State’s Dance teachers and director of Sacramento/Black Art of Dance, openly shares her office with faculty members. Nicole Manker, adjunct dance professor, shares the space and some of the collection of art work in the office.

Students’ art adorns her desk along with inspirational quotes and a proud S/BAD sign. There is a rug underneath for moments she just wants to sit and reflect, and the futon filled with pillows where she sits and reads.

There is even an action figure given to Manker from a student that represents her stern and strong energy.

Overhead of her desk is a variety of floral decoration in the colors of purples and merlot. Opposite of that is a painting of women dressed in yellow symbolizing the Dunham techniques created by Katherine Dunham.

“She created African-Caribbean beginning Dunham technique and Cultures of America, two dance cultures classes that give students a really open-ended view of the world of dance with all the different genres, the different cultural connotations; a little bit of everything that you can squeeze into a semester,” Manker said.

Roberto Pomo, Theatre History and film studies professor, has visited the office several times and loves going in there. He said that the office is a representation of Goodrich’s rich, memorable and outstanding career in dance.

“The curtain on the side of the door is symbolism…whenever you go through the curtain is like going through a veil entering in the womb of her creativity,” Pomo said.

The various objects in her office represents multicultural teachings and the research Goodrich has done throughout her 25-plus year career in dance.

Laila Shabazz, kinesiology major and dancer for SBAD, feels like the office is less intimidating compared to other faculty members’ offices. She said she was amazed when seeing the office for the first time and she could tell Goodrich was going to be and important person in her life.

“Her office feels like a little home, it’s small but it makes you feel comfortable,” Shabazz said.

Visitors of the office are able to see more than just various pieces of art, but the legacy of Goodrich. She has posters of her productions at Sac State like “For Colored Girls Who Have Consider Suicide When the Rainbo was Enuf,” and her past productions.

Students are able to visit the office and be welcomed with open arms. They are able to meet with Goodrich and Manker and have not only academic conversations but are able to be inspired.

“It is not just her office but the people’s office,” Pomo said.