Robert Nelsen speaks to campus for the first time as new president

Christine Kittle

New President Robert Nelsen of Sacramento State had his first press conference to introduce himself to students and the community.

In the press conference Nelsen said his reasons for coming to Sac State, a few of his intended visions for the campus and his desire to engage with the community.

Nelsen said Sac State is the 15th most diverse campus in the west and with diversity on campus there is strength.

Nelsen also said that student graduation over four years needs to improve because right now only 9% of students are graduating in that window.

Another thing Nelsen wants to focus on is expanded online learning in the form of classes and resources.

Nelsen also said that he wants to focus on the students. He wants to focus on success starting in high school and community college so that students will be prepared for Sac State when they arrive.

Working with academic advisors, department chairs and deans to make sure that needed classes are available. Increasing the number of classes and working with community employers to increase internships are part of the student success plan said Nelsen During his press conference.

Nelsen ended the press conference by saying he is here to stay and that he wants to be here.

Students can learn more about Nelsen by checking his webpage.