SFA prepares for spring fashion show

Claudia Rivas

Student Fashion Association (SFA) gives students the opportunity to not only meet others with a common interest in fashion, but to also develop professional skills for those intent on an industry career as well.

At Sacramento State there are a variety of clubs for every type of person, whether creative, athletic or academically focused.

At the beginning of each semester, these clubs are seen in the quad at booths ready to welcome students into the world of whatever specialty they have to offer.

SFA is one of the many clubs ready to introduce potential members into the fashion world with great enthusiasm, whether experienced in style or not.

Jessica Wilde Boyce, Sac State junior and SFA president, has enjoyed having a booth set up for the club.

“It’s going very well, we’re hoping to have many people interested, stop by and get to know what our club is about,” said Wilde Boyce. “When I came into my position, it was really important to me that SFA had a strong presence on campus. Our members are the most important aspect of the group; without them we wouldn’t be a club.”

Wilde Boyce emphasizes how important reaching out to a community is, especially in regards to keeping a student organization thriving.

SFA not only allows members to meet people with a common interest in fashion, but the club also involves giving and creating opportunities to those wanting a future career in the fashion industry.

With weekly artistic activities involving crafts, presentations on multiple occupations within the fashion world, and frequent club-bonding gatherings such as banquets and celebrations, SFA spotlights teamwork and learning how to hone one’s fashion skills in a professional, enjoyable manner.

Among multiple chances to become part of the fashion world, SFA’s biggest opportunity is allowing its members to be involved in their annual Spring Fashion Show.

“SFA’s mission for the [fashion] show is to really just give upcoming student designers, stylists, and models a chance in the spotlight,” said junior and SFA Vice President Rachel Chaudoir. “… [the show also] helps give college students a taste of the industry before they get into it. It gives everyone great experience to put down on their resume.”

Multiple designers and stylists will be showcased in the event such as Sac State junior Theresa Truong. This will be her third year designing for the show.

“I’m a mixture of nervous and excited,” said Truong. “I can’t help but be a little nervous for the fashion show just in case something at the last minute goes wrong. But the idea of how great everything will turn out makes all the work and nerves worth it.”

Truong’s line for this show is inspired by the concept of Yin and Yang and involves colors and textures reminiscent of bones.

“[People should join SFA] not only because it involves fashion, but because the club is exceedingly open-minded, and all our members welcome new affiliates with open arms as well,” said Truong.

If interested in joining SFA, visit the booth currently in the quad, opposite Capistrano near the fountain in front of the library or contact President Jessica Wilde Boyce for upcoming meeting dates at:

[email protected]