Exchange show showcases Sac City

Claudia Rivas

Sacramento State hosted the reception for “The Exchange Show” at the R.W. Witt Gallery in Kadema Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 18.

The exhibition involved an “exchange” of artwork between students from Sacramento City College and Sac State.

Graduates from Sac State’s Master of Arts program displayed their work at the Kondos Gallery at Sac City, while Sac City students presented their art at the R.W. Witt Gallery.

The reception at Sac State presented artwork in a variety of mediums of visual arts including: drawing, painting, mixed media, and clay and wire sculptures. The displays ranged from traditional classic genres of creativity to a wide collection of abstract pieces.

Curators, sponsors, students, artists, friends and family members were in attendance with enthusiasm throughout the exhibition.

Associate Professor Andrew Connelly explained the creation of “The Exchange Show” and how the showcase benefits the artists included.

“Suzanne Adan and Michael Stevens, both professors at Sac City, made a deal to do this show. I told them, ‘why don’t you guys bring your student’s artwork to Sac State,’ and they said that sounded great. It really worked out tremendously,” said Connelly.

Connelly went on to discuss how the show gave students a great opportunity to present their art. “The Exchange Show” demonstrated what the art departments have to offer at each college.

The exhibition helps to build an artist’s portfolio and resume. This is the first time Sac State has participated in “The Exchange Show.”

Chris Daubert, art department chair at Sac City, voiced his enthusiasm for the show’s unification of the two colleges.

“Art is art no matter what degree, level, or environment exhibits their work, and I feel the Exchange show represents that idea,” said Daubert.

Sac City student Lindsey Dillon’s “Hubris” was one of the intricate sculptures showcased.

Dillon described her process of making the piece as lengthy, but detailed the 25-30 hour creation as well worth the effort. While commenting on the inspiration for the texture, the artist also had much to say about the overall concept of her work.

“It’s a combination of elements. The whole base is actually three different cylinders,” said Dillon. “I used a mineral that gives it this ancient wood-like texture instead of staining it, like most sculptures are presented. The ideas behind it portrays the audacity of architecture raised to the height of the gods. I thought how interesting it would be to make something with the same audacity, same power, trying to reach that same height.”

The works presented in the exhibition used traditional tools and also utilized unconventional methods such as mirrors, eggbeaters, knives and recycled paper from magazines.

Whether a veteran artist or a newcomer looking for the opportunity, “The Exchange Show” gave the artists recognition for their efforts.

Sac City student Aurora Dalske commented on the major advantage of being in the presentation.

“I was totally stoked for the first time showing my work in public here. The opportunity is to get exposure for all artists, and that’s what I think it’s really all about,” said Dalske.