CSU Chancellor points out need for more degrees in State of the CSU address


Chancellor Timothy P. White highlights plans for California’s Universities in his State of the CSU Address, Tuesday.

CSU Public Affairs

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California State University Chancellor Timothy White addressed the Board of Trustees representing the interests of all 23 California campuses in his annual State of the CSU address.

The 12:30 address started with the chancellor saying how one in ten degrees in California come from a CSU and how 5 percent of all degrees in the country are from a CSU. Other topics he addressed included financial aid and degree completion.

“Today we commit to the goal of increasing the six-year grad rate for freshmen by 9 percent by 2025,” White said.

According to the Trustees, approximately 186,000 students have college available to them because of financial aid. There is current legislation to raise the maximum Federal Pell Grant amount proposed.

White finished his speech talking about the need to invest and expand.

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“We must remove ‘I can’t’ and replace it with ‘I can’,” White said.