Wearing ugly sweaters for the holidays

Justyce Mirjanovic

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become so popular over the past decade that stores now sell sweaters designed to be an “ugly” sweater.

In the past one would usually go to a thrift store to buy an ugly sweater, but now around the holidays, a handful of stores sell them and sometimes at a ridiculous price.

Ugly sweater holiday parties are expected to happen around this time of the year.

Thrift stores are still a gold mine for ugly sweaters, but for those who want something new and do not mind spending a little extra cash, the option is there.

“I had a sweater that had a picture of an elf on it and it said ‘Happy Elfin’ Holiday’ on it,” said senior government major Zane Hatfield. “I think they are becoming increasingly popular because they’re low cost.”

Hatfield attended his friend’s ugly sweater party when he was a freshman during Christmas break.

“People can just go to a thrift store and find an ugly sweater,” Hatfield said. “It’s very easy to prepare for because little to no work is needed for a costume and people don’t feel pressured into looking cute because of the nature of the party.”

According to an article from ABC news, “The Craze Behind That Ugly Sweater”, the ugly sweater party trend is known to have originated in Vancouver, Canada in 2002.

A lot of people get creative and make their own sweaters if they really want to go all out.

Nursing major Natalie Ruiz attended an ugly sweater party that was unexpected, but turned out to be a lot of fun. There was a prize for whoever had the ugliest sweater and some people even made their own.

“Ugly sweater parties are fun because it’s a chance to see the creative and quirky side of those who are more reserved during the rest of the year,” Ruiz said. “I attend ugly sweater parties because it’s a chance to kick off the holidays in a fun and festive way.”

The Chemistry Club at Sacramento State held an ugly sweater and game night on Thursday Dec. 4 in Sequoia Hall. It was a chance for students to get together and relax before finals.

Sophomore chemistry major Kim Hoang, was planning to attend the party in a big red sweater with a huge Christmas tree on it.

“I’m a Chemistry Club member so I just want to go there to like enjoy the night with my friends and [play] some [board games],” Hoang said. An ugly sweater party can be a fun and cheap way to have a good time during the holidays with friends or family. It gives individuals a chance to be creative by making their own sweater, dig around in thrift stores for one or go shopping.

“Although ugly sweaters aren’t traditional holiday outfits for some, ugly sweaters have become tradition to me,” Ruiz said.