Beautifully unique routines practiced by many

Jasmine Alston

Almost every girl has their own special technique when it comes to getting ready in the morning or before going to bed at night.

A few reporters from the culture section shared their routines when it comes daily beauty rituals they abide by; male students gave their feedback on the daily routines women take part in.

Justyce Mirjanovic has one specific rule when it comes to her beauty routine: never fall asleep with makeup on her face. She expressed the importance of washing her face and using Neutrogena products to help with redness.

When it comes to makeup Mirjanovic uses it to help with making her skin look decent, and one of her go-to places is MAC cosmetics.

“On average, my MAC makeup can last me up to almost a year,” Mirjanovic said.

MAC can get pricey but Mirjanovic does not overspend when it comes to purchasing her other beauty products.

She spends about $10 or less but when it comes to buying for longevity she will spend about $30 on either MAC or Urban Decay.

Johanna Pugh likes to use natural products to help with her skin. Her routine consist of Shea Moisture products, that can be found at Target stores.

She uses the brand’s face kits which also include face moisturizer.

Her daily routine consists of using the Shea Moisture products when it comes to bathing and when she wears her hair straight she likes to wrap her hair with a silk scarf so her hair is not messed up when she wakes up in the morning.

When it comes to Pugh’s makeup routing she likes to keep it simple because of her sensitive skin.

“I used MAC one time and it broke my face out,” she said.

She said by being a woman of color, it can be hard to find the right color to match her skin tone. One brand Pugh trusts is Sue Devitt; it can not be found in stores but she said she orders it online.

Pugh is also not a stranger to high quality makeup because she would rather have something that would last longer.

She uses Smashbox concealer, Calvin Klein mascara and Bare Minerals lipstick because it does not dry her lips.

The key to her routine is to have a balance since she is on a budget. Pugh has to make sure she is buying affordable products but makes time to splurge every once in a while.

Rian Edington also likes to keep a fresh face before going to bed. She cleans up her makeup by using Spa Essentials pink grapefruit clay mask by Colorevution.

Edington uses it because she said she does not really take care of her skin. It helps since she wears makeup everyday and she also sweats when she works out.

“The mask is kind of a way to reboot my skin for the week,” Edington said. “It lets me start fresh so I don’t have any acne or oil build up on my skin.”

A few men weighed in about what they think of women and their beauty routines.

Owen Osakue, a 23-year-old mechanical engineering major, said some girls may be doing too much when it comes to their beauty routines and wearing makeup.

“When I give a girl a hug and half her face is on my shirt that’s too much,” Osakue said.

He said for guys it is more simple compared to girls.

Osakue’s morning routine consist of brushing his teeth and hair, putting on some deodorant and a little cologne.

Michael Lyles, a 23-year-old communication studies major, believes women should not wear as much makeup and does not understand why some show up to school looking like they walked out of “Ru Paul’s Drag Race”.

“Men don’t have that luxury of wearing makeup, so why can’t women go natural too?” Lyles asked.

Lyles does have his own routine when it comes to cleaning up and being fresh. He likes to use a charcoal face scrub to help with his pores in addition to an anti-aging cream.

When it comes to wearing makeup Pugh said, “Do it for you; if you want to wear makeup or if don’t want to wear makeup.”