Students fly around campus in Quidditch Club

Justyce Mirjanovic

No student would ever believe the magic going on at the intramural fields behind Yosemite Hall at Sacramento State. Muggles, bludgers and broomsticks are a few things students can expect to see during a game of Quidditch.

Justice Brewer is the captain of the quidditch team and said two words to describe the club are intense and fun. This is a full-contact sport, so one can expect to be pushed from their broom.

“One of the funnest parts of the game is being able to tackle,” Brewer said. “We love tackling.”

Brewer’s friend started the Quidditch Club in fall of 2013 and Brewer decided to show up to one of the meetings.

“She was a graduating senior that year and she was like it’s so overwhelming,” Brewer said. “I was like just find a captain because then they do everything and you just handle the paperwork.”

Quidditch is a sport from the famous series Harry Potter where they ride around on broomsticks and try to catch the snitch. The rules for the Sac State team are very similar to the rules in Harry Potter, except they have not learned how to fly.

They have one quaffle, three bludgers and a snitch. The quaffle is used to throw through the three hoops at each end of the field, the bludgers are used to knock people off of their broom, and the snitch is the game winner.

There are generally seven people on a team: a seeker, two beaters, a keeper, and three chasers. The keeper’s job is to stop the quaffle from going through their hoops while the chaser is racing to get the quaffle into the hoops. This happens with the beaters throwing bludgers at the other players, trying to knock them off their brooms. The most important job is the seeker’s, which is to catch the snitch.

Once the snitch is caught, the game is over.

Quidditch Club has officially been a club since spring 2014, and they usually have enough people to do a full scrimmage of 7 on 7.

“A lot of people want to join, but can’t make it on Fridays,” said Alex Kasyanchuk, president of Quidditch Club.

Players must have one hand on their broom at all times unless they are jumping to catch the quaffle. The snitch is a person dressed in all yellow with a tennis ball in a sock in their back pocket.

“Usually you try to pick a snitch who is very fast and can run long distance,” Kasyanchuk said. “No one wants to be the snitch because you are running all the time.”

The snitch gets a head start from the seekers and can run anywhere on campus including on top of buildings, but not inside of them.

“There have been snitches in trees, on top of libraries, in parking structures from other games,” Brewer said.

Kasyanchuk decided to join Quidditch Club because his friend was a member of the Thundercats, the quidditch team at Sierra College. He saw a flyer here on campus and decided to check it out.

“A lot of people thought it was a Harry Potter fan club so people came dressed all nice,” Kasyanchuk said.

During the practices, they usually start off with a scrimmage, do some drills, and end with another scrimmage.

“Honestly most of the time I make up [what] we’re doing on the spot,” Brewer said.

Tyler Albert has been a member of Quidditch Club since spring 2014 and plans on staying in it until she graduates. Albert told her friends to join other quidditch teams at their school so they can play against each other.

“I’m like the aggressive, charging people style of quidditch, so I was like if you’re going to be playing against me, you better watch out,” Albert said.

The club is getting ready to play against other teams and is hopefully going to start scrimmages this semester. Next semester, Brewer plans on getting the club registered so they can participate in tournaments.

“[We’re] sort of getting everyone together and perfecting our game so we can go out there and not get completely pummeled,” said player Erick Bedolla.

Quidditch Club does not let weather conditions affect whether they play or not. Brewer said one of the best practices they ever had was in the rain.

The quidditch team meets from 12-2 p.m. every Friday at the intramural fields and muggles, non-magical folks, are invited to watch or play.