Recipe: Trail mix

Rian Edignton

As the health food craze rises in popularity, students start to look at the nutritional value of foods that may have previously been assumed healthy.

One such food is pre-made trail mix.

Originally called “gorp” trail mix is usually a combination of nuts, dried berries, and chocolate.

It is a popular snack for outdoorsmen because it is lightweight, easy to eat on the go, and offers an immediate boost in energy from the carbohydrates in the granola and the fats in the nuts.

Students may think since it is meant to be consumed while hiking or adventuring trail mix is a healthy food, however, premade trail mixes and granolas can be high in sugar and salt content.

Most students do not spend so much time outdoors that they would need a trail mix so high in fat and carbs.

One way students can manage this is to make their own trail mixes.

1 cup unsalted almonds

1/2 cup honey granola

1 hand full of chocolate covered acai berries

1/2 cup pepita seeds

Put all ingredients in a plastic bag or container. Shake gently to mix. Store in a cupboard or in the refrigerator.

This recipe offers a low sodium and low fat content “gorp” that tastes great.