Police sergeant shares useful safety skills

Rian Edignton

Although crime rates at Sacramento State have dropped over the past few years, students may still feel wary walking on campus at night. Sac State offers resources to ensure students feel safer.

There are multiple resources available on campus to insure the safety of students in possibly dangerous situations.

One resource for students is The Self Defense and Protection classes offered at the Well. These are informative and fun exercises taught by Sac State police sergeant Vince Vinson.

Students can sign up for self-defense classes at The Well,each six-week class section costs $10.

The six-week course focuses on building upon new self-defense techniques learned in each previous class.

Rather than focusing on combat techniques, Vinson teaches ways a potential victim can escape an attacker.

Junior philosophy major Shanelle Erwing, 20, said the class was really fun and informative.

Vinson keeps the classes light hearted and fun but is very thorough in making sure each student gets a chance to practice their new skills, even if it means taking a few slaps and smacks himself.

Vinson, who has been participating in martial arts for 43 years and has been a martial arts Sensei for 24 years, has  worked at Sac State for 21 years.

He makes a wealth of self-defense experience and knowledge available for every Sac State student.

“We always have a good time in class and there is something for everyone to learn,” says Vinson.

There are even alternative options for the techniques taught in class if a student has a disability; everyone is able to participate.

Sac State also offers night time escorts around campus, but a student may not always want to wait for an officer to be available, which is why self-defense is a valuable skill to have.

Rashida Adams, a 20-year-old junior criminal justice major, decided to take the self defense class to be more self-sufficient.

“It would be nice not always having to rely on help to come, it would be good to be independent,” said Adams.

The class gives students the freedom to feel comfortable walking around campus in the evenings or alone.

Sac State also offers Hornet Night Shuttle, that provides ride services to all locations on campus.

Students interested in the Night Shuttle can dial 87260 from any on-campus phone.