Police chase ends on campus with arrest

Elizabeth Zelidon

An African-American male was apprehended by Sacramento State University Police yesterday after fleeing from Sacramento City Police after a routine traffic stop.

The suspect was stopped by S.P.D. for not having a licence plate on what appeared to be a homemade motorcycle.

“The traffic stop occurred off campus. The suspect then came on campus fleeing from city police,” said Sac State Police Chief Mark Iwasa. “He attempted to ditch the motorcycle in the bike compound and hopped a fence. After he hopped the fence he was detained by Sac State Police.”

Sac State student Adali Hernandez witnessed the pursuit.

“He seemed paranoid,” said Hernandez. “He was riding his motorcycle through pedestrians on the bike path from the quad towards Guy West bridge. It looked like he was trying to go up the ramp before the motorcycle stopped.”

Narcotics were found on the suspect’s person after his arrest, which were packaged and sent to a Sacramento drug testing laboratory, according to Iwasa.

While campus police said there is crime on and off campus, it usually stays contained.

“There is always crime around us and around campus,” Iwasa said. “This is the first pursuit that I’ve seen come onto our campus.”