Sacramento State’s 5k Fun Run, Fix50 project will affect commuters

State Hornet Staff

With Sacramento State’s 5K Fun Run expected to attract 1,000 runners Thursday, campus police are working with race volunteers to manage traffic.

Stadium Drive, the road running east of Hornet Stadium to the Well and College Town Drive, will be closed from 5:30 to 7 p.m., said 5K Race Manager Jason Blessinger.

“The only real major affected area is College Town Drive on the west side of campus,” Blessinger said. “Last year we were right on the mark and we opened up Lot 1 on the west side of campus at 7 p.m.”

Other areas of campus will be affected by traffic blockades for short amounts of time while the race begins, said Police Chief Mark Iwasa.

“Typically what happens is we have to a couple of blockages to get runners out of the gate,” Iwasa said. “Most of them are by Parking Structure 3 and then it winds through the campus. People trying to get out of Parking Structure 3 will have to wait a few minutes.”

The route was changed last year to alleviate past congestion problems.  It is now run in reverse from the route used prior to 2013.

“We’re running this the same we ran it last year,” said Tony Lucas, director of University Transportation and Parking Services. “There aren’t any real changes. We reversed the course route to open up garages that are more frequented earlier. We are doing the same thing as last year because we think it was pretty successful.”

Also beginning Thursday, traffic attempting to turn left from Folsom Boulevard to Hornet Drive will be affected by the a blockage created by the Fix50 Project. The traffic rerouting will not follow the same hours as Sac State’s 5K traffic and will continue until the end of Phase Two of Fix50.

Lucas said the closure will happen close to midnight after business hours, and will not have an impact on the race. He said students should still seek other routes and alternative transportation throughout Phase Two of Fix50, including Regional Transit or biking.

According to the Well’s website, parking on top of Parking Structure 3 will be free while the other levels and parking lots will charge standard hourly and daily fees.

There will be an event in front of the Well for runners and spectators after the race.