Women’s tennis sweeps UNC in Big Sky Championship quarterfinals

State Hornet Staff

Sacramento State women’s tennis relocated its Big Sky Championship opening match indoors to Spare Time Indoor Tennis Center in Gold River, due to the inclement weather conditions Friday morning.

No. 3 seed Sac State was able to complete a clean sweep over No. 6 Northern Colorado in the quarterfinal match at 4-0.

Injuries were not an issue as the team returned senior captain Katharina Knoebl, freshman Alina Soltanici and sophomore Daria Savchenko to the lineup.

“The women are healthy, but they are little bit out of competition,” Hrynashka said. “(Knoebl) had a tough start today (in doubles) and after that she did really well.”

The women opened up the match at position No. 2 in doubles, where Hornet duo Knoebl and Savchenko overpowered the Bear’s Chrissie Hoolahan and Laura Wehner at 8-0.

In doubles position No. 3 the women were able to claim the first point of the match when freshmen pair Deimante Bulatovaite and Soltanici defeated Adriana Nieto and Courtney Schulte at 8-3.

Team captain Sophie Lohscheidt started off the women in singles, where the senior dominated at position No. 3 with a 6-1, 6-0 win over Chrissie Hoolahan.

In singles match No. 2, Olivia Boija defeated Northern Colorado’s Hilary Walters-West in straight sets at 6-1, 6-1. The point to clinch the victory came in singles match No. 3, where Savchenko cruised to an easy win over the Bear’s Adriana Nieto 6-1, 6-2.

“The girls played with really good confidence and a really good level of tennis,” Hrynashka said. “It’s nice to start a tournament (with) a win like that.”

Hrynashka said the short duration of the match against Northern Colorado, which lasted under three hours, will help the team’s preparation for their semifinals match against Northern Arizona.

“The (women) didn’t stay too long on the court so it’s not going to affect any health problems,” Hrynashka said.

In the women’s final conference match of the regular season, Northern Arizona was able to defeat Sac State 6-1, but the women are self-assured the Lumberjacks will not be able repeat that performance.

“When we lost our matches, we were half of a team,” Lohscheidt said. “I’m just really confident that we are going to go out there and win.”

Sac State (10-16, 7-3) advances to the semifinal on Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Gold River Racquet Club, where they will compete against No. 2 seed Northern Arizona (9-14, 8-2).