Johnny Depp emulates creature in “Transcendence”


Johnny Depp emulates creature in “Transcendence”

Elizabeth DeCicco

Other than portraying a relentless, hilarious pirate, an eccentric barber with shears for hands, or the wonderful Mad Hatter, when will Johnny Depp play the role of a cyber-intelligent god?

In the new motion picture, “Transcendence,” Depp evolves from a well-known artificial scientist to an unstoppable, digitized-divine creature who can control even a water molecule.

From Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister (“Inception” and “The Dark Knight” trilogy), “Transcendence” is Pfister’s feature film directorial debut. The story was written by Jack Paglen who may have had an obsession with the concept of the mad scientist like Frankenstein that generates something harmful.

The main actors include Depp, Paul Bettany (“The Da Vinci Code”), Rebecca Hall (“The Town”) Kate Mara (“House of Cards”), Cillian Murphy (“Inception”) and none other than Morgan Freeman.

Initially set in Berkeley, Depp is a prominent artificial intelligence researcher who lands on the cover of San Francisco-based Wired Magazine for his work in developing a system of collective intelligence and all human emotions.

His research brings him to fame, but also controversy and anti-technology enemies who consistently attempt to ruin him. Dep’s wife, Evelyn (Hall) tries to keep his soul alive by transcending his existence and uploading his mind to a computer. The overall fear that remains is whether or not Dr. Caster’s (Depp’s) desire for knowledge becomes an unyielding form of power over the entire ecosystem.

Pfister’s most recent work offers a brief mental escape. The movie looks at how much knowledge may become an overly exceeding amount of power. Depp presents himself on a computer screen, often an iPad, with genuine human emotions and a potential to creep, but pull in audiences. He tries to be the hero as the force of his machine expands and heals suffering and wounds.

Although Morgan Freeman would have pleased audiences as the leading role, Dr. Will Caster, (Depp) with his enticement shines as always.

Those who either like a science-fiction tales, admire innovative, scientific technologies, professionalize in the biological or computer science field, or adore the multi-talented Depp would be fully satisfied after watching this mysterious but intriguing film. Like no other performance by Depp, “Transcendence” takes viewers on a futuristic, but worthy ride.

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