Former engineering dean says he resigned from position

Former engineering dean says he resigned from position

State Hornet Staff

Emir Macari, former Sacramento State dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences, was called for questioning April 9 by the Senate Rules Committee regarding his reappointment to the Alfred E. Alquist Seismic Safety Commission where he has served since 2010.

The Senate Rules Committee called on Macari after receiving written opposition over the appointment. The 10 other members reappointed April 2 were not called for questioning.

When California Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg asked Macari why he is no longer dean of the university, he said his decision was voluntary.

“The president wanted me to do certain things that I didn’t think where in my best interest and I walked away from the position,” Macari said.  

Macari said he is a currently a professor and director of the Smart Grid Center as well as an adviser for three different student clubs on campus, including the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, the National Society of Black Engineers and the Society of Women Engineers.

“I am a very ethical and very moral person,” Macari said. 

Macari was originally appointed in 2010 by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and renamed for a second term by Gov. Jerry Brown in June 2013.

During the hearing, Steinberg asked for witnesses in the audience for or against Macari’s reconfirmation.

In opposition for Macari’s reappointment was Cici Mattiuzzi, director of Career Services at the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences.

Mattuizi has been the director for 30 years and said she worked with five different deans in the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Mattuizi explained the two lawsuits her and her husband, Paul Mattuizi, were involved with. She alleged Macari allowed a faculty member to continue to work after he engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior.

After filing a lawsuit in 2009 against the former professor, Mattiuzzi claimed Macari retaliated and she was subject to discriminating actions, including removal of departmental funds and rooms.

“I have raised $1.25 million dollars to run the career services office and he removed all of the resources that I needed to run the office and help kids get jobs,” Mattiuzzi said. “He also removed the rooms that I needed.”

The university said the withdrawal was used in an unprecedented fiscal crisis that required the utilization of all funds.

Mattiuzzi filed a federal retaliation lawsuit May 2011 against Macari and the university. After several delays, the trial was set in January and reached a settlement Jan. 16, which included the dismissal of all evidence.

Macari was put on leave and relieved of his duties as dean last December, just days after he filed a voluntary dismissal in a libel suit against Paul Mattiuzzi.

Sac State is actively in search for a new dean for the College of Engineering and Computer Science. The position is expected to be filled prior to the beginning of the 2014-15 academic year in the fall.

In addition to the traditional campus search committee responsible for screening, interviewing and recommending candidates to the provost and president, Sac State is also using a search firm to help identify top-notch candidates to be part of the hiring pool.

“On the advice of the president, we asked a search firm called Storpeck/Pimentel to assist us in the recruitment process,” said Donald Taylor, associate dean for academic programs and global engagement. “The search firm that we are using is very experienced in the CSU.”

The Senate Rules Committee will reconvene in two weeks after the members have been given time to consider public documents regarding the statements from the opposition.