Fahrenheit 250 opens its doors to Sacramento

Fahrenheit 250 opened on March 28 with the goal of offering Sacramento a different side to barbecue. 

Fahrenheit 250 opened on March 28 with the goal of offering Sacramento a different side to barbecue. 

Erika Bradley

A new restaurant has sprung up where Bisla’s once stood, directly behind campus, on Folsom Boulevard and it is bringing barbecue to Sacramento like no restaurant has before.

Fahrenheit 250 had its grand opening on March 28. The large smoker used for barbecuing was the inspiration for the theme of the restaurant with the goal to make barbecue the right way, by smoking the meat just right.

Director of Service for Fahrenheit 250 Tyler Monk, said he is excited about the menu and the unique sauces that have been created for the meats.

“We have four different sauces; the signature ‘Fahrenheit 250’, ‘ Spicy’, ‘Carolina Vinegar’ and ‘Kentucky Mustard,’ Monk said. “The sauces are all on the table and you add the sauce yourself.”

So far, Monk said the dishes being ordered the most are the corn and crawfish fritters, ribs, pulled pork, collard greens, and cornbread.

Chef Jacob Carriker created the entire menu for Fahrenheit 250 and said he wanted to make sure  the restaurant brought true barbecue to the Sacramento area.

“It’s all unique [on the food menu]. When you’re cooking meat every day and  deal with different pieces of wood, different temperatures and cuts of meat, there are always variances,” Carriker said. “The sauces and sides are unique to me. You aren’t going to find them anywhere else.”

The sauces were all created by Carriker and are designed to pair with certain dishes, but the customer gets to decide what they compliment.

Barbecue dishes that include chicken, tri-tip and ribs range in price from $15-24. Appetizers range in price from $9-14.

The appetizers have a wide variety of foods, from fried green tomatoes to smoked trout and artichoke dip.

The cocktail program at Fahrenheit 250 was designed to be specific to the southern inspired dishes on its menu.

“It’s a very southern style cocktail list [where] old school meets new,” Monk said.

Bar manager of Fahrenheit 250, Brad Morlock, said the cocktails are made with the freshest ingredients and are meant to compliment the different barbecue meats.

“They’re not your 15 minute cocktails that you would get at the actual [Shady Lady] saloon,” Morlock said. “They’re a little faster because this is barbecue food and it comes out very quickly, but they’re still really well made [and] use super fresh ingredients.”

Morlock gave the example of a pulled pork dish using either the signature or spicy Fahrenheit 250 sauces being complemented by the “Rail Splitter” cocktail. The sweetness and lightness of the cocktail help to balance the spicy barbecue sauce.

The “Rail Splitter” is wild tea vodka mixed with the house sweet tea and lemon juice.

“By far, the “Kentucky Buck” is our most popular drink,” Morlock said. “The servers are behind it, everybody loves it,”

Most of Fahrenheit 250’s beer selection consists of local beers with “Track 7”, a Belgian IPA, being the most popular.

The interior is eclectic and made of re-used, up-cycled and re-purposed furniture and decor. The cocktail bar, made of old printing press drawers, spotlight and windmill are some of the signature decor pieces of Fahrenheit 250.

 Fahrenheit has front and back patios that will be completed this month.The patios have full service so customers do not have to go inside to order more drinks. Monk described the service as being more approachable and helpful when it comes to suggesting food and drink pairings.

“Typically a lot of barbecue places you go [to] you pull a menu out of a wooden pig head, order, get a number and you go sit,” Monk said. “Where as with this atmosphere,we have full service.”