Associated Students Inc. election results announced, as uncontested candidates confirmed as directors

State Hornet Staff

Associated Students Inc. elections concluded Wednesday with an 8.4 percent student voter turnout, down 5.6 percent from last year.

Senior math and science major Emilia Calderon said a student boycott of the elections made a good point ASI might not advertise enough, but contestants are not to blame. Out of the 14 Board of Director positions, only three were contested.

“That really makes no sense at all, because (students) are blaming the contestants for not getting their own competition.”  Calderon said. “The fact is, people who are running for this election found out on their own initiative, did the research and won through their own merit.”

Out of the 27,729 eligible voters in ASI’s membership body, 2,341 students submitted a ballot, exceeding the required 5 percent threshold to make the election legitimate.

“There is a huge controversy with people boycotting the elections,” Calderon said. “The reason is because they think it’s undemocratic because so many of the election positions are unappeased.”

Director of Engineering and Computer Science Luis Ramirez won with 236 votes and was one of three positions that were contested. He had the endorsement from Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, who also won the Club Challenge bringing 157 votes to the competition.

The Club Challenge brought a total of 615 votes awarding participants’ clubs or organizations $2 per vote.

Ramirez has been a Society of Hispanic Professional Engineer chapter officer for two years and said he always encouraged students to vote.

“It is important to participate no matter what,” Ramirez said. “If you are not voting your voice will never be heard. I always tell (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) members when I give presentations, you have to speak up to get what you want. A good way to speak up is by voting.”

Ramirez said if students choose not to vote, they should include their comments in the ballot stating so.

“You completely ignoring the ballot does not prove anything,” Ramirez said. “It just means that you are another person who doesn’t really care about what is happening.”

A second contested candidate who won with 1215 votes is Andrew Shaw, Union Well director.

“As of this morning we already have our budget set for upcoming 2014-2015 year,” Shaw said. “Renovations for both the Union and the Well are going to be the first things I will focus on.”

Shaw said the goal is to be transparent about the possible expansions of the Union and the Well, whether it involves an event center or basic expansions. He said he plans to ensure student’s voices are heard by hosting forums that promote discussions.

In an attempt to inspire a community feel among students at Sac State, Shaw said he has a project idea but it still needs to be presented to the board and follow the basic ASI procedures before a motion is put into place.

“This is a dream of mine if elected, to sponsor a meet-and-greet event with the athletes,” Shaw said. “I feel that students should engage more with the athletes to create a sense of pride that we desperately need.”

Director of Undeclared Students Adrianna Bolds was elected with 74 votes and said she was encouraged to run for ASI by her First-Year Experience Program peer mentor.

“You can’t graduate in a fast enough way if you are not involved,” Bolds said.

Ethnic Studies senior Shardon Perryman said he started voting sophomore year to help a friend running at the time and has voted consistently since.

“There is a lot of issues that impact us directly,” Perryman said. “It is important to have a voice because each vote does matter.”

ASI President: Lauren Lombardo, 1760 votes

Executive Vice President: Andrea Salas, 1738 votes

Vice President of Finance: Michael Bloss II, 1742 votes

Vice President of University Affairs: Sara Tulane, 1706 votes

Vice President of Academic Affairs: Ryan Allain, 1722 votes

Director of Arts and Letters: Yajayra Gonzalez, 182 votes

Director of Business: Rebecca Bolger, 204 votes

Director of Engineering and Computer Sciences: Luis Ramirez, 236 votes

Director of Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Melissa Bardo, 168 votes

Director of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies: Brenda Martinez, 188 votes

Director of Undeclared Students: Adrianna Bolds, 74 votes

Director of Graduate Studies: Sarah Adan, 41 votes

Director of Health and Human Services: Vacant

Director of Education: Vacant

Union Well Director: Andrew Shaw, 1215 votes

State Hornet Publications Board: Amara Blades, 1706 votes