Rain finally comes to Sacramento

Andrew Paunon

Sacramento has received rain after setting a record of 52 consecutive days without precipitation.

The previous record of 46 days was set in 1884, according to Mark Finan, chief meteorologist at KCRA.

“The streak is noteworthy and historic,” Finan said. “But just because the streak is over does not mean the drought will be over.”

Criminal justice major Marlon Tabajonda thinks the rain will benefit the region.

“I’m a navy guy, so we always love the rain because we are surrounded by water most of the time,” said Tabajonda. “It’s good that it’s raining, the water usage around this area is a problem and is endangering our environment because of the lack of rain.”

But not all Sacramento State students are happy with the rain.

Social work major Elizabeth Steffensen said the rain made her day feel gloomy.

“I feel cranky because of it and I try not to talk to people,” said Steffensen. “I do generally like the rain because it is important for our climate. California is a desert climate and we shouldn’t even be having lawns. California does not get enough rain to support lawns and the recent drought doesn’t make things better.”

The drought has been a concern throughout the state. Sacramento should have received six inches of rain over the past two months, but because of the drought, the region did not receive a third of its annual 18 inches.

Walking through the rain means becoming drenched, but riding a bike through the rain has its problems as well.  Kinesiology major Jacob Kreger said he is thankful for the rain but it presents problems for his bike.

“I used to be cool riding in the rain but now that I don’t have a back spoke protector, mud gets all over my spokes,” said Kreger.

According to Finan, Sacramento will be seeing rain for a couple of days.

“The storm is not bringing friends and we are most likely not going to see much rain after it has passed,” Finan said.