Sports league lets adults have grown-up recess

Kaitlin Sansenbach

Xoso Sport and Social League is a Sacramento adult sports organization that provides participants the opportunity to have recess and leave behind the average work day.

By participating in certain sports with Xoso, adults can join people that share an ambitious drive for sports while escaping with a beer in their hand afterwards, much like an adult version of recess.

The event categories are primarily sport related such as softball, kickball, dodgeball, volleyball, bowling, flag football, soccer and ultimate frisbee.

Xoso also offers other non-organized sports such as cornhole, boot camp and beer pong.

Due to its laidback atmosphere, Xoso brings a type of camaraderie among its players.

When 28-year-old Kit Kershner, a three-year softball player and graphic t-shirt designer, first moved to Sacramento, he wanted to find like-minded individuals while exploring the entertainment scene of Midtown.

After being involved with Xoso, Kershner said he enjoys meeting the young professionals in the Sacramento area who have a common love of the same sport.

“I love the spirit of the league,” Kershner said. “There is a certain level of respect between the teams, no matter what your skill is in that particular sport.”

When the organization started in 2008 with kickball, founder and league owner Nick Berruezo had a goal to create a group where people can get together over fun, sports, exercise and drinks.

By combining the two, it creates a way to meet new people for those newcomers to the Sacramento area.

Xoso’s assistant manager Cyrus Williams said he appreciates the social part of the organization.

“If you’re new to Sacramento and looking to meet new people, get involved in the community and support local businesses, then Xoso is the place to do it,” Williams said.

Xoso thrives in bringing people together because a person can even sign up as an individual and be considered a free agent who is paired with a team of their choosing.

With all the rough and tumble of the sports, some players consider the social aspect of the league to be the most enjoyable and pertinent.

Kris Adams, 32, who has been participating with Xoso since the company started dodgeball in 2008, said he appreciates the time spent with teams over a few beers after the game.

“I would consider Xoso to be more of a beer league because it is more about socializing with people at the bar after the games than it is about the playing time,” Adams said. “Games last a maximum of 60 minutes, while most people spend two to three hours at the bar socializing afterwards.”

Even though the bar scene is usually visited by multiple teams after games, Williams said drinking is not necessary for most sports that are offered.

“The majority of our leagues do not involve any type of drinking element into the competition,” Williams said. “When our games have completed for the evening, we like to head to our sponsor league bars for friendly banter and to recount the highlights of the sporting event of the night. But to say we are an adult sport beer league would not be the most accurate representation of Xoso.”

With the balance of sports and socializing, Xoso Sport and Social League is the place to meet people of all demographics and build relationships with the people of Sacramento.

Kaitlin Sansenbach can be reached at [email protected]